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What Is Tech Debt and Why Should You Care About It?

If you’re a non-tech person who’s involved in building a software product, you’ll soon reach this verdict. As you try to push a successful product to market, you’ll discover that aligning stakeholders’ expectations, customer needs, financial constraints, deadlines, and tech requirements will often require trade-offs. Most of the time, these “bargains” will mean cutting corners in the development process.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: The Difficult Conversation Every Software Project Should Start…

In 2016, Ben Horrowitz dedicated a disruptive book to the lack of easy answers in tech entrepreneurship. While other business and management books lured audiences with the illusion of ‘the promised formulas,’ Horowitz dispelled the haze by putting it bluntly: being a tech entrepreneur is hard. Tremendously rewarding, but incredibly difficult. It has no formulas for success, it has no guarantees, and it’s not a straight paved road.

Decoding the language of great software products: A tech dictionary for businesses

Development teams use programming languages to code, but they also have a language of their own for day-to-day communication. Tech jargon saves developers a lot of time, but can often feel overwhelming for clients who want to build software products. When embarking on a new tech project, it’s the duty of the software team to onboard clients not only on the work process but also on their jargon rollercoaster.

What to Expect from the Discovery Phase: Setting the Course for a Successful Product

Many businesses believe they can gracefully leap from an initial idea to a grand software product, often to find themselves falling into an endless maze of changing scopes. Skipping steps — even if might be the faster alternative — ends up being a time consuming, costly affair that can leave stakeholders, development teams, and everyone involved on the verge of frustration.

Fueling revo.js: How we boosted the JavaScript energy in Eastern Europe’s hub of developers

On October 3rd and 4th, revo.js conjured the changing power of JavaScript in Timisoara, Romania — one of Eastern Europe’s hubs of developers. As the first-ever JavaScript conference in Timisoara, revo.js was much needed and awaited, fulfilling the need of the local community for an environment in which JS enthusiasts could assimilate international know-how and bounce ideas.

How We Start Successful Software Engagements With Great Energy

It was mid-July and we had guests over. Coming from Europe and the US, they visited our Engineering Offices in Timisoara to kick-start a challenging, buzz-worthy and complex project. No matter how eager both we and the client were to plunge into untangling UX dilemmas and technical conundrums, we knew that if we wanted to build a successful collaboration, there were some steps we couldn’t skip.

Healthy Work Habits for Great Energy

It’s not hard to notice that puns are our cup of tea. Why tea and not coffee? Well, because although we love [e-spres-oh], we try our best to keep our caffeine intake at a level that won’t get us jumping up and down at 2 a.m. This might come as a surprise for those who thought of us as glued to our coffee cups, frantically pressing keyboards, but it’s a result of our rather active mindset and set of healthy work and life habits (hey, we try).


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3 Unconventional Social Media Marketing Courses For Ambitious Instagrammers (+3 Bonus Resources)

Suppose you’re looking for social media marketing courses that cover the basic principles, techniques and tools. In that case, this list is not for you. If, however, you’re feeling courageous, and you’re considering taking a walk on the wild side of marketing, welcome! These creative resources are just what your Instagram doctor would recommend – if such a medical profession existed in the digital world.

Stand Up For Your Cause: How to Hold an Instagram Fundraiser

It’s not a lost cause. Not at all. Actually, the causes you care about might have more supporters than you ever imagined. Plus, there are countless other ways to reach them other than through crowdfunding platforms. In fact, today, it is easier than ever before to globally connect with people willing to fund your cause. To gain traction for your cause, check out the novel ways you can hold an Instagram fundraiser. The fundraiser features are meant for both nonprofit organizations and small bus

New! Instagram’s Suggested Posts Feature: Where The Feed Ends, The Novelty Begins

Instagram’s suggested posts feature turns the end of a user’s feed into a new beginning by showing suggested posts from relevant accounts. Just when you thought you were all done for the day “Look, there it is!”, another to-your-liking post that might just make you linger a tad more on Instagram. Up until now, users were prompted with the “You’re all caught up” message after scrolling through two-days worth of posts. Now the show goes on! The suggested content incorporate posts from outside the

Instagram Introduces New Authenticity Measures: What It Means For Businesses

Bots and ill-intentioned users are the main targets of the new authenticity measures introduced by Instagram. Announced on August 13th (a prophetic date, some might say), these authenticity measures aim to keep feeds relevant to users. Instagram has reinforced its mission to deliver reliable, authentic content and build on meaningful engagement to nurture communities. But what do these new authenticity measures involve, and can these affect your business account? Glad you asked because we were

Instagram Reels: The Inside Scoop on TikTok’s Younger, Distant Sibling 

If you have a deja-vu with Instagram Reels, we don’t blame you. If it feels like TikTok, records like TikTok and distributes like TikTok, then it must be…a new feature from Instagram. Joke aside, even if the new feature does resemble the famous Chinese platform a tad too much, it had huge potential. Instagram has already established itself as a social media platform good for business. With its growing reputation and an impressive number of users, every new feature added is instantly converted i
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How to care for your skin after intensive facial procedures: The stylish guide to a soothing remedy using ice globes

Beauty and resilience are the yin and yang of long-lasting, youthful-looking skin. After all, at the crux of the wrinkle-free quest lies an elegant balance between an apparently delicate complexion and the keen ability to fight-off harming factors. Of course, nowadays, our skin is merely alone in this fight against ageing, as countless procedures aid us in our plea for everlasting beautiful skin.